Advanced GEO-Fencing Mobile Digital Marketing

Are you tired of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on social media, newspaper, magazine, postcard mailers, radio and even television advertising hoping someone will see your add and be prompted to call? Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to target your prospects with pinpoint precision and even steer them away from your competition?

Well, the good news is, there is a way to strategically target your customers by physical address, street, neighborhood, city, district even in multiple locations. We call it geo-fencing.

Advanced digital marketing called Geofencing is a process using GPS technology to surgically aim your marketing campaign at the people that fit your target market and your desired demographic. Ads show up in roughly 600,000 apps and social media sites, on digital devices like phones, tablets, and laptops for the widest media coverage available. We include analytics to show you how effective your individual campaign is.

Studies show that statistically, it takes 5 To 20 touches to engage a prospect who is at least somewhat familiar with you and your brand. It takes 20 To 50 touches to engage a cold prospect who does not know you or your brand at all. Using geofencing, your ads continue to target your prospective customers 10 times a day for up to 60 days.  That’s 300 times a month!

We can get you and your company the kind of attention you deserve. Call us now to get details and pricing at 612.462.0202 

Team Members

Mark Mavis

& C.E.O

Whitney Powell


Adrian Redmond

Creative Director
UI/ UX Designer

M.K. Raj

Marketing Pro

Sample Geo Fence Ads

Our Previous Geo-Fence Campaigns

3 Formats: Display | Video | Native Programmatic


File Size: Max file size is 250kb

Ad Sizes: We offer 30+ different ad sizes. The following 4 ad sizes make up most of the programmatic display inventory, therefore these are our default sizes: 300×250, 728×90, 160×600 and 320×50. Our framework supports 39 total ads sizes spread across mobile, desktop, native and video (pre-roll). If a specific ad set is performing well we will continue layering in the less common sizes to further reach.

Other Common sizes: 970×250, 300×600 and 320×480. Animated Display Ads:We recommend a maximum of 18 frames per second with a maximum animation length of 30 seconds and no more than two loops. These ads can be run in “inUbanner”, preUroll and standard video.

Clicktags: Clicktags should be set up in the following format: clickTag Ads serving within an iFrame should open in a new window when clicked.

Example: ClickTag Action script Code: on (release) {getURL (clickTAG, “_blank”); Tip:Please only implement one clicktag in each swf file as our platform does not support multiple clicktags within one Flash file.

Creative Backgrounds And Borders: On all ads with partially black, white or transparent backgrounds, you must add a visible border of contrasting color to the majority background color of the creative.


Creative Specs:
• Dimensions: 960×720 px and 960x540px
• Audio bitrate: 128 kbps or higher
• Video bitrate: 2.0 Mbps or higher
• Preferred format: mp4 (h.264)

Other Items to Consider:
Playback Method
• AutoUplay sound: on/off —Click to play is preferred by publishers

Video Types
• Interstitial: Web page displays before or after expected content
• InBanner: Video built into a banner ad
• Instream: PreUroll, midUroll, postUroll



Creative Specs
• 1200×628 size
• Headline: 25 characters including spaces
• Body Text: 90 characters including spaces
• Call to Action: 15 Characters including spaces (not required as our default in the UI is ‘Click Here’)