Does your sales team have the competitive edge they need to thrive during Covid-19?

Yes, things certainly have changed. The way most salespeople have approached their business in the past has been altered for the foreseeable future, maybe even forever.

There is no question that sales teams that successfully utilize advanced technology are going to win the day. Meeting in person, for many, has been their standard default position but companies are quickly realizing that sending salespeople to  travel hundreds of miles locally or to travel thousands of miles away to prospect is not only a waste of resources but also possibly a thing of the past, at least for the short term future.

One of the many things we do well at GlobalTech Solutions is help companies thrive while their competition lags woefully behind. We offer business technology designed to give every company that cutting edge advantage. We work with local area businesses across a national spectrum as well as global fortune 500 companies.

There really isn’t an organization too big for us to be able to help excel and reach beyond imagined boundaries in this new Covid-19 era. We offer digital marketing as well as robust email, text, and voicemail drip campaigns, Microsoft licensing for Teams and 365, custom web, video conferencing and advanced digital promotional services and a whole lot more.

We bring all the 21st Century tools that will launch your sales team to the top of their game! The new norm is going to be how you are able to capture a prospect’s attention using advanced technology instead of relying on the old school go-to for how things used to be done.

Don’t wait another minute! Let’s set up a call or Zoom meeting to discuss your business and see how we can put your company out in front where you belong! Let us know your availability and let’s get something on the calendar!


Mark Mavis

CEO- Global Solutions Technology

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